Research Areas

We are interested in conducting and collaborating in research projects broadly in the following areas:

  • digital fabrication, rapid prototyping, 3D scanning

    • smart fabrication of materials and building components
    • creation of the economic housing unit that can be produced by fablabs
    • recycle: recyclable & biomaterials for digital fabrication
    • reuse: creation of 3D libraries of the available second-hand materials
    • establishing matching processes for the best material economy
  • computational design, design optimization, multidisciplinary optimization

    • structural art (elegant, efficient & economic structures)
    • form-finding
    • optimization of Life Cycle Costs of a design (as a balance between energy used and CO2 emitted to produce, transport, fabricate, construct, and finally utilize the design)
  • design workflow, automation and software

    • design for fabrication 4.0
    • construction on blockchain
  • visual & digital art

    • AI-based art
    • generative processes with human input