Fab Academy 2024 | Lectures

Date: every Wednesday from 24th Jan 2024 until 5th June 2024 (last lecture), 4.30PM local time Wroclaw

Location: Bulvary, Księcia Witolda 11, Wrocław Facebook event

Fig. Location of Fab Institute and Bulvary, where the Fab Academy Lectures screening will take place. (the entrance is marked with triangle).

We will live stream a Fab Academy lecture by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld from Boston. Fab Academy is a globally accessible twin of the "How to make almost anything" course led by Prof. Gershenfeld at MIT Media Lab. Every week lecture covers different topics in design and fabrication of objects and electronics.


  1. Jan 24: principles and practices
  2. Jan 31: computer-aided design
  3. Feb 07: computer-controlled cutting
  4. Feb 14: electronics production
  5. Feb 21: 3D scanning and printing
  6. Feb 28: embedded programming
  7. Mar 06: computer-controlled machining
  8. Mar 13: electronics design
  9. Mar 20: output devices
  10. Mar 27: mechanical design, machine design
  11. Apr 03: break, midterm review
  12. Apr 10: input devices
  13. Apr 17: molding and casting
  14. Apr 24: networking and communications
  15. May 01: interface and application programming
  16. May 08: wildcard week
  17. May 15: applications and implications
  18. May 22: system integration
  19. May 29: invention, intellectual property, and income
  20. Jun 05: project presentations

Fab Foundation Poland aims to become an official Fab Academy Node in 2024 and start running the course annually in Wroclaw from 2025.

This course is highly inspiring and additive! It can change your perception of the world, innovation, science and yourself. Make your choice responsibly joining us. Be aware you will experience irresistible drive to create things after every screening :)

How MIT’s fab labs scaled around the world

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