Judy Curie

Judy Curie (Judyta Maria Cichocka) is a passionate designer and entrepreneur in the field of structural art. Her main focus lies in Computational Intelligence methods applied in structural and architectural design. She holds PhD in architectural engineering (WRUT) and MEng in Structural Design and Mechanics (MIT). She was a MIT nominee to the SOM STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH GRANT (2019) and recipient of the MIT Art Grant (2019). She just has set up Fab Foundation Poland. She aspires to lead cutting edge research into digital fabrication and set up a Fab Academy Node in Poland. Judy's vision is to merge high-tech computational design with local materials and low-tech fabrication methods, aiming to empower communities to produce what they consume. She firmly believes that the fusion of global knowledge with local resources has the potential to reshape economies.

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Ania Malinowska

Ania Malinowska is an author, a cultural theorist and Associate Professor in Media and Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Silesia (Poland), and a former Senior Fulbright Fellow at the New School of Social Research in New York. She is also a founding member of the Centre for Critical Technology Studies (University of Silesia). Her research concentrates on cultural theory, love studies, digital humanities, and critical robotics – and specifically on the formation of cultural norms and the social, emotional, and aesthetic codes in relation to digitalism.

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