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Judy Curie

Judy Curie (Judyta Maria Cichocka) is a research-oriented designer and entrepreneur. Her primary focus centers on the application of Computational Intelligence methods in both structural and architectural design. Holding a PhD in architectural engineering from WRUT and an MEng in Structural Design and Mechanics from MIT, she brings a unique blend of academic rigor and practical expertise to her work. Judy was nominated by MIT for the SOM STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH GRANT and also received the MIT Art Grant in 2019. She led courses at prestigious institutions such as Universit√§t der K√ľnste Berlin, Victoria University of Wellington School of Architecture and Design, BTU Cottbus, and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. She has served as a workshop leader at renowned international events like AAG, IASS, CAADRIA, ACADIA. Throughout her career, Judy has imparted knowledge to over 300 students, researchers, and professionals through academic courses, onsite workshops, and online training sessions.

Judy will equip you analytical thinking and skills to verify the structural and/or fabrication soundness of your design concepts. While her profound knowledge in Architectural Design Optimization is particularly beneficial for scientifically inclined students, she also possesses the ability to empower practitioners with straightforward optimization approaches to elevate designs for digital production, customization, and ultimately enhance their market competitiveness.

Judy is well-equipped to recommend pertinent research papers, suggest contacts within the field, highlight relevant events to attend, and point out university programs or grants aligned with your interests and goals. With her support, you can not only enhance the robustness of your designs but also chart a strategic path towards your aspirations in the realms of structural and architectural design.

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Szymon Loj

Szymon is an accomplished Architectural Assistant with a proven track record in the public architecture sector. His expertise lies in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and proficiency in various 3D modeling software such as Rhinoceros and Grasshopper3d. He specializes in Parametric Design, Parametric Modeling, and Geometry.

With an Engineer's degree in Architecture from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, he brings a strong academic foundation into practice. His current focus is on expanding knowledge in computational design, programming, and digital fabrication. He is dedicated to incorporating these advanced skills into architectural and product design work, enhancing innovation and efficiency in the fields.

Szymon is a co-founder of MatchIt! - an innovative enterprise producing high-quality timber holds for climbing purposes. All MatchIt! products are parametrically designed and fabricated with CNC machines. Szymon is highly skilled in C# programming in Grasshopper and automation of digital production. He can teach you how to create your own product, optimize it for production, and make customization effortless. His passion for climbing is contagious, therefore taking workshop with him may convert you into computational design and/or climbing geek :)

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